Steve Update

Almost 2 months ago we retired Steve, Braden's lovey. But this past week Braden has been asking for him a bedtime. Each time I was able to talk him out of it by saying that now was not the time to bring Steve out, not to stall going to bed and I promised him that I would show Steve to him in the morning.

For a few mornings I got lucky. Braden had totally forgotten all about it. But just yesterday he didn't. He asked " Can I see Steve now?"

I went to go get him out of his hiding place. He was in my closet tucked away in a small box with a lid that lifts up. (if I had time I probably would have decorated the outside)

I presented the box to Braden. He lifted the lid and smiled. He gingerly touched Steve, picking up his favorite corner and running his fingers over all the silky edge.

I reminded him that Steve was tired and needed a break. "Why?" - "Because he has worked real hard." - "He needs a nap" Braden proclaimed as he closed the box. "Would you like me to put him away in YOUR closet?" - "Yeah!"

Braden watched carefully as I put the box up in the highest part of the closet (way in the back).

So far, so good..... no news is good news :-)

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