only in the military

The last time Mason was gone was in September. That was about 8 months ago. I am STILL pulling these off of his clothes. Socks, undies, t-shirts - you name it. They hide in the most inconspicuous place so that when you think that you have them all then BAMM! there is one more.
They are quite annoying. First off, they are tiny and very hard to pull off of the clothes. But if you leave them on you can feel them scratching at you. If you get them wet and then try to pull them off the ink on rubs off onto your clothes. And really I just can't leave them on. Mason could care less, which is the reason that they are still on there. He just keeps them on... so each piece of clothing has a whole smattering of them.


Anonymous said...

Um .. what are they?

Julia Stewart said...

The are little bitty tags with serial numbers on them. They put them on clothing each time it is sent to the laundry so that no body loses or sock or whatever.

So when Mason is gone for 2 months it equals out to about 8 trips to the laundry for each piece of clothing... and since Mason doesn't take the tags off I end up having to do it when he gets back!