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In an effort to get the house ready for guests next week I have been making weekly pilgrimages to Hobby Lobby. I don't go every week because I like the place... I go every week because they change what is 50% off each week. So for the past few Mondays I have been trudging in and out with my purchases of nic-nacs.

I have a hard time shopping at HL for a few reasons. One is that I am not very good at decorating and I don't really enjoy it very much. So the thought of spending hours wandering up and down aisles of signs, metalware and poly resin figurines puts me off. Plus I have a hard time concentrating while I am there because of the music. Have you ever noticed the music in Hobby Lobby? 75% of it is Christian. Over half of it I recognize as songs I sang at Highland. But because I was so hooked on the big board for words, now that I have just the music I can't remember the words and that distracts me because I spend all my time trying to remember the title of the song/hymn instead of concentrating on my decorative items. And secondarily the music makes me sad, those hymns/songs remind me of William and my grief .... which obviously I don't need reminding of.

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Leah said...

I LOVE HL! And they are a Christian company which I love. They aren't afraid to stand up for what they believe and do a lot for the community and churches (they give money to build and restore buildings too).

Sorry it makes you sad though.. I think all my stuff with Nannie has made me less sad cause this is normally when it hits harder than normal (and around June 18th). But I haven't had time to be sad yet...I don't want to be...cause I know there will be no one to share it with and that saddens me more.