Jumpin' Jumpin'

I have made another new friend! Her name is Kerry... she lives just down the street from me. Her son and Braden are under a year a part and play almost every day. She and I are like two of a kind. She is a book reader info whore like I am which lead to some great discussions!

We went out together last Saturday. We did some shopping and went out to eat. With out meaning too, we bought the same sweater at Ann Taylor and the same jeans at the Gap ! And at dinner we ordered the same meal... she had a beer but I went the the margarita!!!

She said she appreciates being able to talk to me about the little stuff (have you noticed how fat Kevin Federline has become) and the big stuff (therapy, poverty and religion) with an open mind.... or something like that... it made me feel quite good inside.

I am excited to have her as a friend.

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