I am at Whole Foods every few days. Picking up milk or bread or some sort of already made food to throw on the table for dinner. Most of my trips are short and require no thought.

Today however, I had a whole list of stuff I needed. I came armed with my list of meals for the week. It has been a busy day, and my mind was scattered and hectic. I was trying to find regular ol' olive oil.... staring at the bottle upon bottle of EVOO from about 6 different countries. I couldn't focus, couldn't absorb what I was reading... I was very very distracted.

It took me a second to figure out what was buzzing in my ear keeping my brain from being able to do its job. Jimmy Hendrix.... one of his songs - the title I could not tell you - was playing in the grocery store... and it was the part of the song in which Jimmy JAMS... and JAMS hard and long.... The dissonant guitar and the crash of the drums was too much for me to handle.

I wonder... who in the world though that was good shopping music?

Music should be heard... but unnoticed... if you know what I mean. It should compliment the environment and uplift the shopper... allowing them... to SHOP!!!

Jimmy did neither.

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