Betsy's Wedding

I am sitting in my fathers office. Not on a plane... which is where I am supposed to be right now. Flying to Portland OR for my friends wedding. My friend whom I haven't seen in almost 10 years.... and all the other friends I haven't seen in that long too.

I made the decision around 3am last night not to go. Using the rule of 10s. I asked myself what would be the consequence of my decision 10 hours, 10 days 10 weeks/months 10 years down the road.

Since I had a 6am flight, 6 hours of travel time plus a 2 hour rental car ride just to get to the resort, I gambled that I would feel worse after all that than a good nights sleep. Adding to the decision was the fact that (to save money) I was going to crash on the couch at the condo - which I was sharing with 3 other couples and a baby. Add again the fact that I would be around strange food and NO pharmacy or doctor's office up in the mountains and I figured that me staying here and getting rest was the better choice. I didn't want to get worse or get anyone there sick (especially the baby). I am gambling that 10 days from now it would have been a better choice to stay here and get healthy.

What drives me crazy the most... is the fact that I will never know for sure... that my decision was the right one.

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Leah said...

Hard decision. (((Hugs)))