it's true

It is officially confirmed. I lost weight. For 5 months I have been off sugar.. almost entirely and I have been living in a house (or apartment) with stairs... I am done to 135 pounds... only 5 pounds more than I weighed before I got pregnant with Braden.

I threw away my scale almost a year ago, it wasn't until I was at my parents house that I finally decided to check out the numbers on my step-mom's scale.

Although I didn't get to go to my friends wedding I was able to see another for her daughters first birthday. It was a special treat to be able to see my dear friend Melanie celebrate such an important mile stone. Melanie told me I looked good... and I knew just what she meant, because I felt it too. It really wasn't the weight at all. It was my spirit and attitude. Being satisfied in life. After so many shitty years it was so nice to be able to say "I am great" and truly mean it.

It's officially confirmed... I am happy!