With all that is going on around here I find myself afraid to post about it. I get nervous about posting about selling or buying a house or a car, or about details about moving or going on vacation. I don't know why I feel like this....

The house we are renting is old, and not very well cared for. All the repairs and maintenance that has been done on it over the years was NOT done well at all. On top of that the Owner of the house came over right before we left for vacation. She didn't leave me with a good impression of herself. She was quite blunt and directive and a bit condescending. The management company isn't much better. They assume the worst in people and work up from that. They like to play the power/territory game.

While walking through the neighborhood (which we LOVE) we saw a house for sale by owner. The price was FANTASTIC since they were motivated to sell because their mother was needing in home care. We offered 10,000 less than their asking price and they accepted. We were thrilled and felt like it was the best decision for us.

But I knew that meant we would have to break our lease. So I sent the letter out yesterday. Within minutes of reading it the property manager called me and demanded that "I explain myself" to her. And flat out told me that "you can't just break a lease" and that I was "in breach of contract" and she had no choice but to sue.

Some how in the midst of her scare tactics and the boys running around me I was able to keep my head and allow her to vent and come to an understanding. She said that she will list the house again once we are vacated and she does an inspection... but that we would be responsible for the rent until someone else moved in. I agreed and we left it at that.

My new friend Carol asked me if I though that they would 'really' look for more renters - I said that I did... that I felt like they would be honest in that regard. Only time will tell what will really pan out.

On the other side of things we keeping waiting on the VA appraiser to get their act together and come out and look at the house.... we want to close next week.

So every time the phone rings my heart starts to pound... it is either good news - that the appraiser is coming out..... or it is bad - that the lawyers are drawing up paper work.

Living in limbo again.


Anonymous said...

It seems I am always in Limbo. Not fond of the scenery. It's great about the new house I hope you are all happy there. What does the lease say about early termination? Here in Georgia it's stipulated what will happen in the event that the leasee leaves early. What could they gain from suing you? Get the terms you agreed to in writing and make sure that it specifies that they have to actively seek a renter. Consider offering to pay for the marketing, it will likely be less expensive than the rent.
Other than that I hope things are well.

Leah said...

That property manager is awful. Don't let them get away with more than a month or two of rent. It will rent.