Mr. Rogers

As if I wasn't aware of how much kindergarten has changed in the past 30ish years, Mr Rogers reminded me.

The owner of this house doesn't realize that her cable is still on. So our 'no TV' project has been put on hold for a bit. Watching tv without DVR kinda feels like no tv, so this is a good transition-er. With all that is going on, and with the temperatures high again the boys have been getting acquainted with the morning line up of PBS Kids. Which includes Mr. Rogers. Which neither boy has ever scene. I watched them, watching him. They were transfixed. Braden called the trolley a street car.... can you tell we visit New Orleans a lot!

The episode was about going to your first day of kindergarten, and in the Land of Make Believe they were building a new school ( I can remember watching these episodes from when I was little... I watched a lot of Mr. Rogers).

Mr. Rogers goes to a school and spends a good 10-15 minutes talking with the teacher about all the things kids do at kindergarten. At one point they happen upon a activity cube with zippers and laces and buttons on it. The teacher mentions that most children don't know how to tie or buckle their shoes when they come to kindergarten, but by the time the year is over they will have.

They showed the snack section, with fruit and milk and they also showed the COTS that the kids slept on for nap time.... NAP TIME!!!

This year Braden is going to Kindergarten. It is all day. He needs to be able to not only work his shoes, but his belt (part of the uniform). Snacks are provided by the parents and their is no nap time. Their is however... Spanish, computer lab and ethics class! They will start reading too.

A far cry from "Let's learn our ABCs" in the '70s.

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