I love to shop.... and I really love to shop when I am stressed out. So moving here and then dealing with all this house stuff (after a huge vacation) is not good on the ol' wallet.

A few weeks ago I was at Ann Taylor. I have been a size 8 in Ann Taylor ever since I can remember. I tried on a pair of shorts... and they were too big. So I tried on a size 6... they fit perfectly....

I chalked it up to a fluke ... that maybe Ann Taylor was making their clothes different than they had in the past.

That was until last week. I went back out shopping for a wedding I am going to in September. Every store I went to I had to try on a smaller size.

So I think it is official... I don't think I have lost weight... but living in a house with stairs and cutting all sugar from my diet has definitely made a difference. Once Braden and I start walking to school (UP HILL - yes....but not both ways LOL ) I think I will be in good shape.

Plus I am hoping to start Yoga again... every Sunday afternoon....

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