words and phrases

Our RIP is in the system and our orders are waiting to be cut. They are on hold. And the only person who can release them is a Doctor on base. He has to review Tristan's case and make sure that Little Rock has the medical facilities to handle Tristan's issues.

We have an appointment with him on the 25th. Which is WAY too late for us.

Long story short- I was knocking on some doors and making phone calls today to get us to be seen THIS Thursday.

So here I am talking to the doctors secretary. Sargent Something or other... She was quite nice and very helpful. Listening to my story.

She indicated that she would be happy to help us, and she gestured to Braden (thinking he was the child I was talking about.) I thanked her and informed her that it was not Braden but my other son.
Without skipping a beat she replied "I was wondering, because he looks so normal. May I ask what your other son suffers from?"


I got through the conversation, highlighting what NF1 is famous for and answering her other questions. She had a lot of questions and I obliged her because I felt like she was doing me a favor and I had to make nice. Inside I was fighting back the tears. I was so angry.... NORMAL? Really? I know she didn't understand why her comment was tacky and hurtful... but it was.


the girls' moma said...

How horrid! She shouldn't be working in that office if she hasn't been taught not to speak that way!

I'm proud of you for holding it together.

Leah said...

Yeah that's awful. Good for you for not responding but geesh.

The Walters' Family said...

Ignorance...can be a scary thing. I'm so glad you educated her in a nice way.