very soon.....

Tomorrow will be the 60 day mark of our report no later than in Little Rock. Just today we received word that the RIP is in the system... the official word and system.... we are going to Little Rock and Mason starts work in August.

What we don't have is the actual orders and move date. We are waiting on Tristan being cleared through the Exceptional Family Member Program.... once that is done.... we should have orders in hand and a move date.

Normally I am not a stressor. I get angry, yes, sad, yes and very very excited... but I don't stress.... THIS has stressed me out to the max.... Everything I did to prepare us for this was on a hunch and some faith. Selling the house, enrolling Braden in school, finding a rental house.... all of that was done with NO official word of anything.... But it had to be done, and hopefully it paid off.

Until I have a move date in hand.... heck until I have all my furniture in the new house .... I will still be cautiously optimistic.... but cautious... very very cautious...

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