Final Countdown...

It begins... and as so many countdowns do in our life, this will start off slow and the end will come way to quickly. I already started to get teary-eyed at West Texas Rehab talking with Michael (Tristan's OT)...

I have already started the phone calls... to the electric company, the gas company, the water company.

This is what Mason and I do best. Move... Seriously we have become pretty good at it. Tonight we will sit down and write out a time line (working backwards) while fitting everything in:
Braden's birthday
Friends visits
Nana visits
Two weeks of swim lessons
Toddler time at the library
T's OT and speech therapy
mine last therapy appointment
Playdates with friends
Movies with friends
Setting a move date with the military
EFMP Board
Hair appointments
Dental appointments
Fourth of July
Renting a small Uhaul
Packing the Uhaul
Finding boxes (not in that order of course)
Final appointment in Dallas
Picking up Aunt Karen in Dallas...

This list goes on!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I hope your husband appreciates how amazing you are!