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By late Thursday afternoon I was still upset, but brave enough to call Ashley and see how things were going with Chloe. Ashely was very understanding and patient with me. Giving me all the details of what Chloe had been up to from the time I left to the present moment. She told me that Chloe was doing great. She was not running in circles crying (like me). She was content to be where ever the boys were. And she settled down nicely at their feet while they played video games. At one point the baby (2 year old little girl) came and laid right down on top of her.... Chloe was in heaven.
Ashely said that her first night went great. Chloe slept with Ashley and Stephen for a bit and then moved on into the boys room. No fuss....

That one phone call made me feel MUCH better. It put my mind at ease knowing that she was not stressed out, or missing us at all. That she was getting a lot of love and attention. That was very nice to hear.

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the girls' moma said...

Oh, I'm so glad for you. And don't worry. Braden will be ok. You will too.