Pretty Chloe

Here she is sniffing the Snyder wind while sitting on her new front porch. We spent 2 hours with the new family. Settling her in, talking about her routine, how to brush her and clip her nails. I wrote out all the commands that she knows, and the words that I use with her.
I didn't get sad until it was time to go. I found myself trying to find things to keep me there. I started to cry when I walked to the car and she stayed on the porch. I tried to drive, but had to pull over and cry and talk to Mason. I asked Braden if he was sad, he said yes and that you don't have to cry every time your sad..... He asked me why we didn't get rid of Calhoun instead. He talked about the kids Xbox that he got to play (grand theft auto thank you very much) he talked about the Cheetos too. As we left he said to the other boys "Have fun with your Chlo-belle" I am sure that they will....

The house is quiet.....Calhoun doesn't even seem to notice or care that we didn't come back with her.

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nora said...

When we had to get rid of Sasha, I went to Ivan's work and cried in his office for over an hour. *hugs*