a few short moments left

In about 40 minutes the baby sitter will be here for Tristan. Braden and I will pile in the car with Chloe... to drive the one and a half hours (ish) it takes to get to Snyder.

I was in Petsmart earlier today - buying a new leash and a water bowl, a brush some nail clippers etc etc.

The family I found, well - found me on Craigslist. They have 2 boys 7 and 9 (ish) and a little girl who is almost 2. They had just lost their wiener dog (Gunner I think his name was) and they were interested in Chloe as more of a 'interactive family dog'.

So I will stay for a bit - teach them how to clip her paws and use her brush... I bought some pupper chow too.

Last night Mason and I lay in bed with Chloe - talking to her and sharing stories about her.

I pulled some pictures from the album of her as a puppy for the new family - I will bring the camera to take a shot of all of them with her.....

Braden has been quiet today.