not exactly Jim Caviezel

Today in church the preacher played a 5 or 6 minute video clip of the scene where Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. A lot about the clip look very accurate. The costumes, the setting, the props. You could tell that the production company was well funded and worked VERY hard at bringing the stories from the Bible off the written page, to life. There was, however, one LARGE exception... the actual actors. They were all white, and they spoke with English accents. I know one thing for sure. That people who lived in the middle east over 2000 years ago did not look like ME. They looked like.... well.... people from the middle east. But for some reason while painstakingly recreating these scenes from the Bible, they also decided to just 'change' a few things too. The whole film lost it's credibility for me. What is the point of watching? For the story? I can get that from reading it, or having someone tell it to me. These videos are made to make the story MORE REAL... like we were there.... with fancy sets and costumes and music... dramatic pauses and serious narrators... the visual image is supposed to move us deeply... and convince us that it is true... not fiction or myth. Yet at the same time it manipulates us. I wonder why they choose to use white people, oh... excuse me... western European looking people. Do they think so little of their viewers? Like we won't understand if the actors actually looked like the actual people. That we won't love or revere Jesus if he doesn't look like a skinny tall white hippie. It's just disrespectful....

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