For about a month now Braden has been asking me to buy him Lunchables. A friend of his at school always has them and since the minute Braden spotted them in the grocery store he has been a man on a mission.
On Saturday I actually stopped and read the ingredients of the pizza lunchable. And just as I expected it was horrible. But what really surprised me was the sugar content. 49 grams of sugar... for the whole meal... holy jeeze.
But just to get him off my back I bought one.
The next day (at lunch of course) I began to realize the appeal for Braden. It was not so much in the eating of the meal... but in the preparing of the meal. He LOVED making his own little pizzas. So I thought...what the heck!
But.... I was NOT going to buy one more junk filled sugar packed Crap-a-ble. So he and I ventured off to the grocery store... again to make so we could gather provisions to make our own lunchables. Braden's teacher reported that it worked out great (I was just really happy that it all fit into his lunch box, including the plate.) Everything except the pepperoni is organic.... not too shabby if I do say so myself!
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Aaron's Mom said...

What a great idea! I think that's what would appeal to Aaron too - the putting together part. Not so much the food part. Good for you for coming up with a better, healthier idea!

annie said...

awesome idea!