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I have been fighting all day with Tricare again. This morning Tristan's OT guy told us that Tricare was denying further referrals for Tristan. To make matters worse there was a mix up to begin with and so there are like 3 actual referrals all with different dates and numbers out there.

I got the appeal package in the mail today and called the help line. It was most frustrating phone call. Either she was way old or brand new at her job. At one point she actually said that "there are so many procedures available now that it is impossible for a patient to understand anything about what is being done to them." To which I replied "they don't need to know about all of them, just the one that is being done to them. No one in their right mind would walk into surgery NOT understanding what is being taken out or added.... for that matter the hospital wouldn't let them... it is called informed consent."

and so and so forth.... Much time was wasted on that phone call.

I hate having to argue FOR specific treatment for Tristan, because it means I am faced with reading and or listening to a list of issues and problems that he has. They all have these long complicated names that just sound horrible. My ears hear them, my brain tries to process them and my heart rejects them.

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martha.durham said...

I feel for you!! All this medical stuff is sooo frustrating. Actually, we are fighting Tricare as well. I wish there was something I could do to help!!! I will call again soon!!
Miss you much!!