it sounded good at the time

This past Christmas Tristan got a play kitchen. It was Braden's from a few years ago that we had stashed away in the attic. Although we still had the kitchen, most, if not all of the accessories had vanished. All the little plastic plates and forks and french fries... you know the deal.

So I put down WOODEN kitchen accessories on T's wish list.

On December 25th T and I unwrapped all the BEAUTIFUL plates and cups and fry pans, soup kettles... the whole nine yards.

I was in heaven....

Now... not so much.

Over the course of the past 3 months there have been a few lessons learned.

One... wood is heavier than plastic... so when your two year old drops the soup pot on his bare foot toe... it is going to hurt. Two, wood bowls thrown to the floor in a fit of anger by a two year old will split in two. Three, ANY wood kitchen toy that falls on to the tile in the kitchen is LOUD... and will eventually break....

but hey... it sounded good at the time...

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