i got a call

Braden's teacher called me today from school around 11:45. "Braden's okay" she said right off the bat, "but..."

Turns out something made him angry, we are still not too sure if it was an argument over a scooter or who was or was not going to play superheros, and instead of using his words to convey how he felt and what he needed he just shut down completely. Curled up in a ball on the playground and then again in his chair... he remained in said ball as Mrs. R tried carrying him down the hall to the office.

I arrived and got some more information from Mrs. R and the other Mrs. R (the director). I chalked it up to him being tired from not sleeping well last night and I took him home.

I wasn't sure on how big of a deal to make of this. I explained that it is okay to be angry and to voice that anger, but it is disrespectful and hurtful to take out your anger on someone... especially someone who is trying to help. I decided for the middle way approach. First, dark room nap... then read some books... play in your room... that sort of thing. No frills, no privileges, even with a token.

He seems to be all better now. Earlier, when I told him he needed to write an apology note to Mrs. R (his teacher) he seem eager about the idea. He has been choosing to be obedient and I have been trying to show him that I appreciate his attitude turn around... he is watch Blue's Clues with Tristan right now.

I hope this will be a rare occurrence in his school years. Braden is not a wordy child, and sometimes struggles to identify even his own emotions and motives...let alone others. I hope we will be able to cultivate a strategy (together, for him) to dissect situations like this , break them down to manageable parts, so he can identify where the hurt occurs... so that the source can be addressed and not something unrelated.

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Williams Family said...

Poor B. Hard day. Sounds like you handled it well. He is a good kid. No one has perfect days. Love you guys!