My wedding was perfect. I have no gaffs or mishaps to tell of. I planned it for over a year down to the smallest detail and everything went perfectly. No regrets! From the location in Charleston, to the chapel to the music the limo everything.

I wore my mother's wedding dress, which was also worn by my grandmother. I had pictures of all three of us in the gown at the reception.

I got married at 10:00am on a Saturday. The last thing I wanted to do was to wake up and then WAIT to get married.

I remember waking up at the hotel, with my best friend. Having coffee and croissants in our room. I remember the hair dressers showing up.

I remember my father coming in to get me. I remember asking him if it was hard to see me in Mom's dress... he said.. no - it felt nice to see it on me.

I don't remember the limo ride, but I remember getting out and seeing my cousin Scott outside the front door with programs in his hand.

I remember the moment before my dad and I walked into the sanctuary. I can still hear the harpist playing.

I remember how humbled and loved I felt when everyone stood up and turned to face my dad and I as we walked down the aisle.

I remember the ceremony being very short... about 11 minutes.

I remember crying and smiling silently while Mason read his vows. I remember my nose was dripping onto our hands.

I remember the feeling of the kiss and then the walk back up the isle. Pure Joy!

I remember the awkwardness of the professionally posed photos

I remember the reception, the first dance, dancing with my dad, the cake, Mason dancing with his mom and all the champagne.

I remember changing out of my dress and heading down through the lobby down the long staircase out side the hotel, being showered in rose petals - jumping into Mason's truck.

I remember falling asleep on Mason's lap as he drove to the airport in Jacksonville FL.

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The Walters' Family said...

Oh, Julia how special to wear the dress your grandmother and mother wore. It made me want to cry. You looked so beautiful in it. We celebrated 9 years this past December. Pretty amazing. You made me want to go back and look and see what we were doing each year...it all went so fast. I remember having to blow my nose, too. I was crying so hard. I had to use the hankie my grandmother gave me...my something old. Love you girl!