in sync

Friday night (while in Austin) Mason and I laid in bed wondering what we were going to do for breakfast the next morning. We didn't really want to eat and pay for icky hotel breakfast (because ... let's face it.... they are always kind of icky) but we REALLY didn't want to risk picking a restaurant in town and it being 1. really busy leaving T to be really fussy or 2. it being just as crappy as the hotel food.

Mason decided to go downstairs to see what he could find out. He came back with two bowl/containers of cheerios and some milk - just in case. But no spoons.

Saturday morning rolled around and Mason took the boys up to the restaurant in the hotel, taking a gamble and letting me off the planing/stressing hook.

I joined them 15 minutes later and I scarfed down some cereal while the boys ran around the tables. Just as we were about to leave I licked my cereal spoon clean and pocketed it. (knowing that it would find its way back home).

Down the elevator to the hall, walk to the door, get the key, enter the room... we start to empty our pockets ....

and just as I am taking the spoon out of mine to show Mason, he turns and reveals to me what he had in his.... another spoon

In perfect unison. RIGHT ON!