such a perfect day...

9 years ago today: this picture is taken immediately after our wedding, while we are waiting in the lobby of the chapel to start the receiving line

8 years ago today: we were stationed in Del Rio - we had just got back from a surprise (to me) trip to Utopia Texas for our anniversary

7 years ago today: we were stationed at Scott - we were at Cardwells at the Plaza for dinner then we saw The Royal Tannenbaums

6 years ago today: Cardwell's again (this time Braden (as a bun) was with us) and we saw Chicago

5 years ago today: one last time at Cardwells... afternoon for lunch - no movie

4 years ago today: Mason was deployed- pregnant with William I spend the day running errands (plus a pedi) while B stays home with a sitter.

3 years ago today: Mason is gone on a hunt trip in Mississippi (we celebrated early on New Years Eve at Lytle Land and Cattle finishing with a kick ass party at the Evers)

2 years ago today: Mason is in Little Rock at the Weapons School.... 6 days later (on the 14th) I start this blog

1 year ago today: We were in a plane on our way to Key West to celebrate 8 years on the 8th in 2008

Today: Still smiling from our trip to Austin... while I sit and fiddle with my printer as Tristan naps and Mason gets ready for work
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