the music remains the same

Ya ever hear a piece of music... a song you haven't heard in a really long time... and the moment you recognize it the song transports you (emotionally) to the time and place when that song was a regular part of your life?

Most of the time it is a happy reminiscent feeling... "Everybody have fun tonight, Everybody Wang Chung tonight" - can't go wrong with that!

But every once in a while a certain song can put a chill in your spine.

That happened to me today.... at 9:31am to be precise. It happened when all the mothers and fathers and the Kindermusik teacher opened their mouth to sing.... "It's our time to sing together, it's our time to sing together, it's our time to sing together. Sing Hello Hello"

It just so happens that exactly 4 years later I am in a Kindermusik class with my (third) and youngest son singing the EXACT same songs and participating in the exact same curriculum as I was in the winter of 2005 while Mason was deployed for the first time and Braden was 19 months old, and I was pregnant with William.

Towards the end when we started in with "Hands all around Jing Jang....." I felt I could almost hear Braden's old teacher Tabby singing ...

For almost 5 months that music had been apart of my life. I was still in the Kindermusik class when William was born... Coming back that next week... singing those songs made me so sad and angry... All I wanted to do was forget them and never hear them again.

Little did I know.......

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