a bit confused

What makes a friend?

What makes them different from acquaintances?

What is the difference between a "real friend" and the regular ones?

Someone once told me that you can count your "real true friends" on one hand. What makes up that criteria? Is it different for people who's friends live far away? What are the expectations of a friend?

When do you know you have moved from regular everyday kind of friend to a super lasting no matter what friendship? How many people can you have that with?

Is it different for people who have siblings of the same sex... aren't THEY the best friend? What does that mean anyway... best friend? What if you think someone is your best friend...you FEEL that connection to them.... but then one day you realize you've been demoted.

I thought I understood this sort of stuff... But I don't think that I do.

I have a friend who went through a divorce last year... she will be the first to tell you that somebody who tells you that they love you now, might not love you later?

What if I got a divorce? a disease? an abortion? a gay lover? what would you think of me then? Would you still be my friend?

I knew people that said they were my friend when I lost William.... but they weren't. They talked about me behind my back, gossiping and judging me. I have friends now who I became close with out of that tragedy...we remain close when I move?

What responsibility do we have to our friends? How often do we write, visit, call? Because some friendships transcend that need... you can not talk for months or years and pick up right where you left off.

What if you are always the one to get on that plane... to pick up that phone.... to write that note....

I had another person tell me once...that they give (new acquaintance friends) people three chances to accept an invite... after that she doesn't ask anymore - to quote "who has time for someone who doesn't have time for you"... but that really doesn't stick with people who already established friends in our lives...

What about friends that you feel close to but NEVER see but once in a while?

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