can you say compulsive?

Laundry takes everyone a long time.... the sorting, the washing the drying the re-sorting while folding and then the putting away...

I think though for me laundry takes a bit longer. It is because of the way I sort the dirty clothes, before they even make it to the washer.

I wash about once a week. Not counting the emergency soaking and washing I do for the boys (or my shirts) or Mason's uniforms. A week's worth of clothes covers the entire floor of my little laundry room and spills out into the hallway. To me, that is a lot of clothes and they need to be sorted properly.... as such:

first by color - reds/pinks/purples - yellow and some beige's or tans - green and light green - blue and light blue - whites that can be bleached - whites that cannot be bleached - brown/dark brown - greys and blacks - jeans

then by person - B & T - Me - Mason - Dog towels - Body Towels - kitchen towels - bed sheets

Then by wash type - Hot and hard - Cool and slow etc etc etc

And right in the middle after washing but before the dryer lies the great "hang to dry" sort out - because sometimes its a "lay to dry"....

Anyway - I am just saying... it takes a while !


the girls' moma said...

Ok, I have to say -- this is the funniest post topic ever. But what does it say about me that now I totally want to write about MY laundry and how I sort it?!?

And, hehe, you said "hot and hard"... hehe...

Yes, I'm THAT mature.

Julia Stewart said...

tee hee... that's why I left the wording in there! .... so bad!