I am addicted to TV. So much so that I thought I would try and go without for a year and write about my experience... but..... so much so that I didn't - because I was really nervous about it. Can you even believe that... nervous about NOT watching TV? That is scary. So in denial I just decided that I would TRY to not watch so much junk. Try to be purposeful in my watching. Which is so much easier now more than ever... with DVR... I can go right to the good stuff no commercials even.

To be clear - the TV is NOT on during the day. I don't watch anything during the day (except for Blues Clues and Scooby Doo)- but once the kids are in bed ON it goes... and I can logged quite a few hours each night. Which means that all the other stuff I would (should) get done... does not.

I watch the dumbest stuff too. Marathons of America's next top model, American Idol, Queer Eye (past tense), The office reruns (over and over again) Seinfeld, the biggest loser E! news... etc etc..

Just mindless fluff to distract me from my own life. And January/February is award season... I get sucked into those too... Golden Globes, SAG awards, People's Choice, Bafta, the Oscar.... What I realized today is that watching all that stuff on TV (sports stuff too) makes me a passive observer of life. It does not make me a participant.

What does it matter to me if Kate Winslet wins an award... or the Patriots win the Superbowl. That is those people achievements... not mine. How sad... I can achieve stuff... not just them...

But that means I would need to have dreams and goals and purpose and discipline... right right...
That is a lot .... not sure how fast I can get all that to happen... but I do know one good first step... TURN THE DAMN TV OFF!!!!


Natasha said...

Hey girl--
Welcome to my world :) There's also the social aspect of not being able to chime in on some show with friends/acquaintances. But if you can keep the TV/DVDs off a good portion of the time, without even trying you just accomplish so much more.

the girls' moma said...

That was me. That was EXACTLY me. And now for the 10 months I have lived in this apartment I have not had TV. Anything I want to watch I can see online, and I have caught up with a few shows that way. But I was SO like that, watching hours upon hours of Scrubs or whatever every week!

Now that it's been almost a year, I guess I should write about it...