Braden's First Day of School

Well, at least his first day of THIS year for school. To me last year was a much bigger deal. His first 'big kid' school. This year is probably a bigger deal to Braden because he is going everyday... and he is 5 - which is big stuff to the five year old. The class is labeled PreK-5. It is for kids who are old enough to go to kindergarten, but for one reason or another need just one more year. There are 5 boys and 3 girls. Eight kids! A perfect number. The classroom is smaller than Mrs. Cook's room last year, but just as clean and bright with some familiar things (like the calendar) to make Braden feel at home. All of the kids at the school are required to wear uniforms except for the 5 year old class. The kids/families have the choice if they want to buy the uniform shirts. We were told the boys usually wear them and the girls wear their own clothes. We started Braden off in a green shirt (his favorite color). We are using the same backpack from last year, but did get a new Speed Racer lunch box. Braden wanted to bring his grasshoppers we caught yesterday to class to show everyone. They are huge at least 3 inches long. So now it is just me and T until 2:30 everyday..... I can't wait to have some time to get to know T all by ourselves.... should be FUN!
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