Famous People Alert

While in the London Pub in Epcot I spotted Randy and Dorothy.... the Pixie People sitting quietly enjoying some drinks. I was so excited and then nervous that I would miss the chance to meet them in person that I walked over and started freaking out (just a little) on them.

For those of you who don't watch WEs Secret Lives of Women Dorothy and Randy were highlighted in a one hour documentary about Unexpected Love. Dorothy talks about meeting and falling in love with a 'real life Peter Pan" Randy Constan. As I watched I realized I recognized him from his website Pixieland.org that I had run across many years ago. Randy has dedicated his life to shattering stereotypes and expanding minds! LOVE IT!!!

The table next to them opened up, and I calmed down a bit. I was so interested in hearing about what life had been like after the taping of the show. We started up a regular conversation about where we were from, what we did for a living. They are engaged to be married so we talked wedding planning a bit. I told them about my love for celebrities and asked if I could have a picture taken with them and post it on my blog. They agreed.

Soon our name was called for our lunch reservation....so we took a quick picture and we were off. I later asked Mason if he felt uncomfortable talking to a guy all dressed up in a fairy tunic... he said "At first it took me a bit by surprised but once the guy started talking about his lawnmower it kinda ruined the illusion.. ya' know? We are all pretty much the same underneath..."

"People?" I asked

"Nah..." he replied "Husbands... no matter what they do they can't find an excuse to get out of mowing the lawn!"

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Robin said...

I totally relate to the excitement, nervousness, freak-out. My family and I met up with them at the Renfaire in CA this past year. Check out the youtube videos. They are the top videos when searching "Randy Constan."
Congratulations for making the approach!!!!!!!! Thanks for the post.