Just the mere mention of anything Disney can stir up strong emotions in people, and it is not just the "my parents never took me as a kid" kind of emotion either.

The Company that is Disney makes many decisions that are quite controversial. From the first policies about having a dress code (which included hair length) for the GUESTS to Disneyland in the 50s and 60s, to the issues with their movies (almost zero people of color, massive gender stereotyping, sexual innuendo images spliced into G films... etc etc) and to the thousands of lawsuits every year that keep the Disney lawyers busy. Plus the shear cost of going to Walt Disney World is outrageous, and this whole Princess business is really just a money making racket that is most likely reinforcing more stereotypes to our little girls.

Before we went I kept asking myself the question "should we be funding the corporation that we have so many issues with by staying in their hotels, eating their food and riding their rides?"
"Is it just my OWN childhood that I am trying to relive? Idealizing a perfect memory that never really existed in the first place?" I was torn....torn between wanting to believe and handling the truth.

But when I held my 5 year old's hand in mine as we walked through this 'place' that was unlike anything he had ever seen before... from spaceships to pirates to tea cups to a castle that lights up at night - nothing else mattered. Through his eyes I saw the innocence of WDW. He didn't notice being ripped off by a 44 dollar counter lunch or a 7 dollar balloon, he didn't notice the difference between his momma in her poncho with wet hair and beautiful Snow White.

On his face was pure joy, pure fun... just the way it should be.

So I get it.... there are issues... it's a big deal... blah blah blah.... sometimes you just have to ignore all of the controversy and enjoy something that is supposed to be enjoyed..... enough said!

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