less than a month

If I write a thank you note three weeks after a birthday it's still good right? As long as it is within a 30 day window it counts....

What about a blog post?

Since Braden's birthday, Megan leaving and swimming lessons my ass has been grass. Mason being gone for a week didn't help much either.

So here we go.... posts that I have been sitting on since June :-)

First.... my anti- wrapping paper project finally had a small victory! After last years complete mess I had my clear vision.... I scrapped my previous ideas/notions what I thought the whole thing should look like and I went in totally new direction.

Step 1: pick fabric that would be appropriate pattern for a 10 year old boy's wrapping paper. ( this step takes the most time)

Step 2: annoy the hell out of the fabric cutter lady while you try to do math in your head (1 yard... no 3 no wait 2!)

Step 3: examine sample bag over and over until you think you've figured it out.

Step 4: fail at trying to replicate said sample bag - go back to Step 3.

Step 5: Sew bag... feel quite proud.

Step 6: place gift in brand new gift sak bag..... curse because you made it 1 inch too narrow.

Step 7: go back to step 5 (omit the feeling proud nonsense)

Step 8: cut holes in bag for ribbon, add ribbon and collapse in bed at 1am (only 9 more bags to go)

Here are a few of my favorite bags.... I have to admit the cow fabric was purely for me - I couldn't resist. The other fabrics were: sports balls, rainforest lizards, classic planes, country bears. I think they came out pretty good, even Mason was surprise at how much better they were from my last attempt.

The whole experiment wasn't completely perfect. I hadn't counted on the fact that it is very hard for a brand new 5 year old to untie fancy bows... plus after he opened his traditional gifts from grandparents (wrapped in paper) I noticed it was kind of weird not hearing the rip shred and tear while Braden open the gifts.

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