total side note

Mason and I finally got around to watching the Simpson's movie.

For awhile (back in Little Rock - without cable) we were HUGE Simpsons fans. We watched it every night... quoted lines back and forth and reveled in its wit.... but we were picky... we only really like seasons 2-6 ( give or take a season). Apparently some writers only hung around that long it dramatically changed the tone of the show.

We stopped watching.

When the movie came out last year and I heard about how they were being faithful to the 'classic' simpsons idea I had hope that it would be a great movie... I mean any show that could pull off a great two part-er with "Who shot Mr. Burns" would have the ability to (after 20 years) write and produce a very funny and entertaining movie.

Unfortunately that was NOT the case. The movie was horrible. The whole thing centered way too much around Homer, we hardly EVER saw the extended cast. There were no plot layers or twists... nothing that seemed to 'wink' at the show (with in jokes) .... Where was Maggie's evil baby friend, what about Smithers and his Barbie collection and Marge's sisters... how can you have a Simpson's movie without Side Show Bob?

I use to think no movie could let me down more that Ocean's 12 did... this stinker proved me wrong...Oh the horror! It just pushed "You've Got Mail" up a few spots... AND THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING!!!