outta here

One of my oldest friends (chronological -not agewise) just had twins (4 months ago) and I am off to spend some time with her, the hubby and meet the boys this weekend.

Liz and I have known each other since we were freshman in high school. But in the most recent years we haven't been able to keep in touch like we use to.

I hope this trip rekindles our friendship... now on a different level. No longer are we teenagers cruising around in her car, or staying up 'til dawn at an after hours party.

Will she be able to see me as a mature grown-up or will I still be my neurotic high stress self?

I pray that I am able to help and support her with the boys in the days that I am there. To be a calming presence, not a burden... to be able to laugh and talk about the "good old days" as well as the future.

I just hope its not weird between us... I hope that too much time hasn't passed and that we can get to know each other again...

I hope I can still make her laugh...

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