the pressure

This past week has been busy and stressful. I just haven't been in the mood to blog.... but then I feel like I should, and that puts pressure on me, then I just resent the blog for being one more thing that I have to do..... so then I get grumpy.

I do have a bunch of things I want to write about, and I am making a list... but the mood has not struck me to sit down and hit the keys.

My mother in law was here this week.... pretty good visit.

We had our parent teacher conference with Mrs Cook - suffice to say the Kindergarten Readiness Test just reaffirmed our decision to wait a year.

Mason and I have started couples counseling (again.... we went for awhile before we had Braden)

Tristan has started speech therapy twice a month.

It was a good mother's day. Finished a fundraiser I was doing at Highland.... went to the car wash with Braden (his favorite) then hit up the BRAND NEW Taco Bell for lunch (both our favorite) Received flowers and some wonderful cards from the boys, Mason, family and sweet friends.

Our move is on hold until review in the late fall.

That is about it for now

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