drives him nuts

I have a habit of bugging Mason about stuff. I am always checking and re-checking (because my little Dori mind can't hold a thought) to see if Mason has, or has not completed whatever it was I wanted him to do.
9 times out of 10 his response is "I'm about to..."
To which I reply (much to his annoyance and frustration) "Warm it up Kriss..." hand gestures and gansta face and all!!!
I joke and tell him that the only reason he doesn't think my joke is funny is because he hasn't seen the video or heard the song.
He reassures me that no, that is not the case.
(for some reason they wouldn't let me post the whole video here.... don't let that stop you though... )
ah, the early 90s..... LOVE IT!!!

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nora said...

ROFL!!! :)

Nice pic, Dory... ;)

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