That is how much it cost for me to fill up the mini-van the other day.

Secretly I am happy about the price of gas going up. I hope that it hits $5.00 a gallon this summer. Nothing makes America move quicker than having their wallet pulled on. Now if we could just get the draft going I think we would be in great shape!

Before you get all bent out of shape for my seemingly blasphemous words let me just say this. I think America is being crippled by ambivalence. Not enough people care about the war, because not a lot of people are truly effected by it. People don't really care about our foreign dependence on oil or the environment because people weren't really being effected by it.

But now they are.... and people have to be kicked out of their comfort zone to do anything.... so the faster we get to kicking people out of their ambivalent coma .... the better.

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annie said...

I, too, am happy to see gas prices finally push people toward fuel conservation. The other day my mom had pulled up in front of her house and stayed in the car finishing her phone conversation to me. She left the car running for the AC and my dad came out to tell her to turn the dang engine off. Fantastic!