getting kicked...

Okay - so at the same time I am excited about everyone else kicked in the ass, I am having to face the reality of getting my own ass kicked.

I vacillate between wanting to re-decorate the whole house, buying a new car, getting a completely new wardrobe OR making Tyler proud.

I started growing my own little herb garden in my kitchen the other day. I felt very green and sustainable... until my friend told me about raising her own chickens... which pretty much popped my balloon.

I get very excited about being green being sustainable and recycling composting blah blah blah but I admit I fall very short of the mark.... very short.

So I am grateful for a real opportunity to get my rear in gear.... with the gas prices so high it gives me just enough push to set up some realistic goals for the summer. They may seem small but they are doable (I hope).

1. no more bottled water...even if I am dying of thirst at the grocery store...only water fountains and our SIGG bottles

2. shop at Walmart for as much as I can (grocery-wise). This is a particularly hard one for me. I hate Walmart...for many reasons.... but with food costs rising I can't indulge in the local fancy grocery store.

3. only eat out once every 3-4 weeks. The Walmart rule can be broken if I have to go to the fancy store to buy meat (i refuse to eat Walmart meat - no matter what) and while I am there I can pick up a few things that will make eating at home better. Sprouts, fancy cheeses... junk like that. Make what ever you can at home instead of eating out... even if it is junk food... ice cream burgers pizza etc.

4. limit errands in the car. in the old days the whole family would pack up in the car on a Saturday to run errands and eat lunch out, even if we didn't have anything we really needed to get done. Spending money to eliminate boredom. So now I limit how often I leave the house. During the week I leave once a day(T W TH) to get Braden from school. Monday is MOPS and Sunday is church. I don't leave the house for anything else. If grocery shopping needs to get done I do it on Sunday on the way home from church, the post office gets done on the way home from school - you get the idea. Mason has stopped coming home for lunch during the week. Our goal is to make a tank of gas last 2 weeks.


amelia said...

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Remember- alot of this good stuff can be found cheap at estate sales!

Amelia Royko Maurer
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Jen said...

I long to be sustainable with you.

Anne said...

We cannot wait for our garden to start providing it's bountiful blessings this year! I love being able to eat squash anytime I want to without having to pay ridiculous prices at the store for tiny little ones!!

Hopefully we will have plenty of tomatoes and bell peppers and jalapeƱos as well! Yummy!