Stupid Shopping

As I have mentioned, I am off next week for a quick jaunt out to Vegas to watch Mason graduate. I went shopping yesterday for some things that I needed: like a bag for the airplane... NOT a diaper bag!

I also wanted some new clothes for the trip. I have a formal dress for the actual graduation/dinner and in New Orleans I bought a nice outfit for the brunch on Sunday. Then I got all excited and wanted to get a new shirt (since I just bought new jeans) for the plane ride and seeing "my man".

I was reminded yesterday of two things: 1 I am old and 2 Abilene shopping sucks.

I guess the two realizations go hand in hand. Abilene shopping sucks BECAUSE I am old. Our mall here is small. Not as small as the malls in Del Rio and Alamogordo (they had KMart in them) but still pretty small. There are no J-Crews,Anne Taylors, Banana Republics or Limited.... nothing like that. Just American Eagle, Aeropostal, the Buckle, Express etc...

Aeropostal has the poorest quality clothes that I have ever seen (including Steve & Barrys AND Old Navy) so they were out from the start. The Buckle has cute clothes but they don't make anything in an XL... which is my size in the 'Junior' stores. American Eagle didn't even have shirts per se. Just tank tops layered one over the other. And the Express clothes were very office-y or clubish (just not what I normally wear).

I walked around these stores feeling so out of place. So old and frumpy. I couldn't get into (physically and emotionally) any of the clothes. It was such a crappy feeling :-(

So, that left me with Dillards. I found an okay shirt... I will leave the tags on for a bit just in case.

I don't know what is worse.... being to old or to fat for the young stores or actually liking the clothing in the "grown-up stores".....



TLC said...

I don't know which is worse having yankee friends that you feel close to continually putting down your home town area, or moving to a town and making some close friends that you think sometimes could really care less about you! Either way you look at it, it's really frustrating and I'm sick of it!

TLC said...

Editing what I wrote last night with ventilating my frustrations. It's just really disappointing that my friends I've made in Abilene happen to be from yankee land and all they can see of Abilene is ugliness with fire ants and mosquitos. And not paint a complete picture of Abilene online when there is a lot more to it than just that because when we're not getting a lot of rain we don't have mosquitos all the time. We just happen to be in a stretch where we've had a lot of rain and now it's getting hot so it's muggy and so therefore there are mosquitos. They will not stay forever though. So don't think it's totally as bad as some people think it is.

Anonymous said...

That's Julia! Her mouth or in this case her words getting her in the hot seat with someone!