In the Year 2000

Do you remember Conan Brien's " in the year 2000". It was a bit on his show about what the future would look like. In the background there was always this guy singing the words "in the year 2000" alternating between high and low.

Yesterday I bought and ipod... and I could hear that guy in my head singing as I entered into the new millennium.

Since I am going to Las Vegas in a few weeks BY MYSELF!!! I was putting together a list of what I will need. My thoughts turned to the plane ride. I couldn't remember the last time I was on a plane ALONE! I almost couldn't remember what it was like to travel without kids. After a brain freeze I did regain thought and remembered MUSIC! Suffice it today... I was NOT going to bring my tapes and CDs with me. My whole bag clunking around under the weight of my tunes. Security would probably send me home. " Tapes? Really lady... I am sorry, we can't let LOSERS get on the plane. BUH bye"

So I bought an ipod. I looked at all of the choices and after much debate (which I will not go into here) I got the 30bagillionbyte model.

I was very excited. I went straight to itunes to start organizing all my music. And after hours and hours of trying to understand the new program I was less excited :-(

I always thought I was pretty computer savvy... proud to be my father's daughter... but after fighting with itunes for an eternity I realized that it was going to take time to learn how to use all this new stuff. No problem ! Oh wait, that's right I have NO TIME, not during the day at least.
For moment I thought "never mind I will cancel my order...." then I remembered I had taken advantage of the free engraving... DANG!

Hey, does anyone want to explaine to me what 'sync' means?

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nora said...

*ROFL*, J. Can't tell if you were joking with the "sync" thing. If you were NOT joking, call me. I'll come by or have you come over.

I got 4 blessful hours to myself today. Had lunch with Ivan, went to the fabric store, went to FriendZ, went to wal-mart...alone. I feel postiviely refreshed. ;) Love ya!