stuck in the house

Abilene's climate has now officially become 100% Hell. It used to be 50%-70% Hellish, because of the heat mostly (but the fire ants do raise that rating a bit). But now the rains have arrived and with it that last 30%... Mosquitoes!!! Big ones that hurt when they bite, little ones that you don't even feel and all the ones in between. They are out 24/7. None of this early morning early evening stuff for these blood suckers. It is a full time job around here. Sun, rain, wind: they are out!

Braden loves being outside. And it shows, he is bitten head to toe. I refuse to use spray on him that contains deet. I certainly won't put it on Tristan, and I worry about me wearing it as I am still nursing. I do have a natural spray that works GREAT! But smells ... nay it STINKS! Gives me a headache if we have it on inside.

*side note* among my many issues, one of them is with smell... I am very sensitive. Its a problem and I know it!

So now I am stuck. Do I slather ourselves down for the few hours we want to be outside in the morning and early evening when Abilene weather is bearable? Do I spray the yard? WHAT? AHHHHH!!!!

Stupid Mosquitoes!

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