Mixed Tapes

Ah, mixed tapes. Do you remember them? I guess it depends on how old you are. But when I was in high school they were all the rage. The first mixed tape I ever received was from Todd Turner. I still have it ! All 80s/90s power ballad music. I was completely blind to the fact that he liked me! But for me I was usually the one making them. I think in the span of 2 years I made Mason 3 or 4 mixed tapes. With pictures cut out and glued on the cover. Marker flowers and hearts... all that jazz.

I LOVED my tapes. I NEVER bought an actual album. I didn't need to... I lived in a dorm with 150 girls who had every album you could ask for. So I would just go room to room bumming CDs to make my mixed tapes.

I still have almost all of my mixed tapes.

I didn't start buying CDs until I graduated from college in 1997. My first was Madonna's Ray of Light (great album if you are wondering).

But I never got into "listening to the WHOLE album" thing. I had a handful of them.. but I missed my tapes. It got to the point that I could almost "feel" which tape I needed without really looking at it when I reached into my bag....

Do you remember what they sounded like? ON the floor of your car? or in the bottom of your backpack? All that plastic knocking around, getting crushed by school books?

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