The Crier

I found this article while looking for information about being a deaf mother...

A search on the Internet led me to www.codie.org, the website of the Center on Deafness--Inland Empire (CODIE), based in Riverside, California. They referred us to a local company that sells the Baby Crier Monitor. The Crier has two parts: a main clock that acts as the sound-alert system, with an attached vibrating rod that goes under the parents' mattress; and a small sound sensor, to be placed near the sleeping baby. When the baby cries, the sound-alert system activates the rod to alert the sleeping parents. The system can be set to vibrate or flash lights (a lamp will be needed), or both. (Another company that provides equipment to the deaf and hard-of-hearing is Hear-More, of Farmingdale, New York; www.hearmore.com.)

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