St Louis Morning

I woke up in St. Louis this morning... at my parents house. The sun shines a whole hour earlier here than in Abilene., but that is not what woke me up. It was the birds. I don't know what kind they are (it sounds a few different kinds really) I don't know how many there are either. But the sound they make is the same EVERY time... every morning.

You know how when you hear a song you haven't heard in ages it can transport you back to the time/age you were when you had first heard it. A song that was played non stop on the radio that one summer - or maybe that song you had to learn a dance routine to at camp. You hear it again 10 years later and for just a brief moment you are transported back in time...

That happened to me this morning. Listening to those birds... I felt like I was 16 again.... just for a second... it was fantastic and horrifying all at once!


Aaron's Mom said...

For me, when I go home to Missouri, it's the tree frogs. Works every time to make me feel like I'm little again.

Jen said...

Songs do that for me. So do smells. The smell of rain coming, particular laundry smells, certain garage smells... It's that old garage-type smell. It reminds me of my grandparent's garage from growing up. When I smell cedar it reminds me of Yosemite, California.