Braden lost his first tooth, last night while Mason was putting him to bed. I missed the whole thing because I was a church. I can't believe I missed it! My friend tried to reassure me by saying "oh, there are so many more to come". I know.... but this was my first's first. Last week when he told me it was lose, I became pretty emotional. It was a milestone for him, for sure, but I felt like in that moment I lost whatever "baby" was left in my almost 7 year old.

I had been mulling around the tooth fairy stuff for some time now. Wondering how we were going to approach this as a family. I decided to play along, for now... hoping he doesn't ask me outright about "who" the tooth fairy really is.

The other aspect of all this I had been thinking about was what kind of "tooth holder" to get. I mean, you can't just put a tooth under a pillow ... it has to IN something that gets put under the pillow... right ;-). When I was a little girl I had a small yellow pillow with a tiny pocket on the front .... but that lacy pillow wouldn't work for my boys. I found other "tooth shaped" pillows over the years, but nothing really jumped out at me.

Just a few weeks ago I was in St Louis for Thanksgiving and while at the Galleria I stopped in Restoration Hardware.... where I found it!!! A small tooth shaped plastic case that glows in the dark.... It worked perfectly.

Being able to "be" the tooth fairy later that night, made up for missing the 'actual' falling out. I snuck into Braden's room and found the case. I went down stairs and sat down with a pile of foreign money to find the best looking coin to put inside his case. The foreign money idea comes from my friend Annie... and we have a bunch of coins - so I thought it would be a perfect idea.

I wanted the tooth thing to be fun. But what I didn't want it to be about was, MORE STUFF... dollars and toys. That worked perfectly too. He was very excited about his Nuevo Peso (I chose that one because it is gold and silver) He took it to school and carried it in his pocket for a few days!

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