Famous People Alert

Over 2 years ago I wrote about my reaction to the Duggar family having their 17th baby. Today in the hospital I MET Michelle Duggar while walking down the hall at the Children's Hospital here. Apparently their newest baby came very early and had been struggling to survive. Which at the time I did not know. Good thing I didn't whip out my cell phone for a picture.... believe me I was tempted.

Seeing her there with some other family members standing right outside where T gets his therapy every week was really weird..... well, okay it always throws me for a loop when I see someone famous, but this was doubly weird. We chatted briefly as we walked down the hall. She was a very petite woman and soft spoken. She smiled a lot at T who was running a head of us.

If there was serious trouble with the baby, her face did not show it... it wasn't until I saw Jim Bob (the husband) at the end of the hall and noticed his expression that I realized what was really going on.

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