1 hr 45 min

That is how long I sat in the bathroom with Tristan after lunch, waiting around for him to poo. His potty training had been going well until the holidays hit, and then I just didn't put it as a priority. So yesterday, fed up with him popping in his diaper at nap time I dug in my heels.

Because really when a person WANTS to do something, they do it.... all excuses aside. I call this the car seat effect.

Pretty much every kid I know sits in a car seat, every time they ride in a car. No matter how much they fuss and scream their parents put up with it and strap them in because the parents believe that it is THAT important.

This should be the only parenting philosophy that you need. If you want your kid to do something, don't give them any other option. That doesn't mean you hit or yell or threaten or bride.... you just don't give them any other choice.

And yesterday that is what I did. I sat on a stool between the toilet and the door and waited.

and today what took almost 2 hours was accomplished in 20 minutes......

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Lisa (the girls' moma) said...

Stick to your guns, Momma! You're so right about that! I love the car seat analogy. So true.