you can't do that here

As I got out of my car in the Toys R Us parking lot yesterday I saw a 8(ish) year old boy relieving himself next to his car (not in the grass or in a drain or anything like that). He was not hidden in any way (no trees or bushes). It was early in the day and there were no other car near mine and his. His back was to me, but he faced the west side of the parking lot. His mother/grandmother was on the other side of the car helping his little sister out of her car seat. It took her a second to realize that he was still on the other side of the car and what he was doing. When he finished and they started to walk to the store I expected that she would say something to him. But she didn't....

So I called to her... "Excuse me. Your son/grandson just peed on the cement in the parking lot. Couldn't have you taken him in the store?" She replied "I didn't know he had to go, and it is too late now."

Well I guess so! But still.... the whole thing just grossed me out to the max! TO THE MAX!

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