doctor's visit

Tristan has his 3 year old well visit today. His is 40 inches tall and is 37 pounds... which puts him in the 95 (ish) percentile.

I had been worried about this visit, because his doctor is a vocal advocate of immunizations. I was concerned that she was going to sit me down and tell me that he needed this that and the other and if I didn't comply she wouldn't see us any more.

But that didn't happen. I think she was so busy with all the other stuff we were talking about that she completely forgot to check his immunization chart. Which was fine with me :-) I really do like her and her manner with Tristan... so I was happy that there was no stand off between us today.

I arrived early. Really early. My appointment wasn't until 8:50. I showed up at 8:10. I was escorted into an exam room by 8:15 and was seeing the doctor by 8:30. This confirmed my suspicion that it doesn't matter so much when your appointment time is more than when you show up.

Tristan did get his flu shot. This was the first time EVER that either of the boys received the shot. With Braden getting sick TWICE already this school year I thought it was wise... we'll see. Tristan seems to be sicker and stay sick longer than Braden ever did.

When I asked about the H1N1 vaccine... they said they didn't have any and didn't know if they were going to get any in at all.....

Not sure how I feel about that.

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AMANDA said...

Call me and let's talk about the H1N1 vaccine... I have interesting info from my pediatrician!!!