S M A T ... i mean S M A R T

There was a chipmunk in our house today. Not a big grey fuzzy squirrel, but an honest to goodness tiny reddish-brown chipmunk.

We have no idea how he got in. And we quickly had to think of a way to get him out before Calhoun noticed him and starting running around like a crazy dog since Tristan was sleeping upstairs.

He ran into the laundry room. We closed him (and us) in, leaving Calhoun in the kitchen. We opened up the door to the garage and then pushed the button to raise up the garage door.

Once the door was open, the chipmunk, with no help from us, dashed right on out both doors.

How did he know how to do that so quickly?

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Lisa (the girls' moma) said...

Oh my goodness -- the SAME THING happened to Kel this week! Weird!